Additional Requests you can Make on Liveaboards

By Vanbel Manik

27th January 2024

When you are aboard with us, we want you to feel not just excited but fully empowered to shape your liveaboard adventure.

What sets us apart is our commitment to anticipating and meeting your individual needs.

Our philosophy is simple – we’re not just facilitating a journey; we’re crafting an experience.

Here's some examples of additional requests you can make with us

Alcohol & beverages

Unwind after a day of diving with a personalized drink in hand, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the open sea. Let us know your beverage preferences, and we’ll ensure that every sip is a celebration of your journey beneath the waves.

Simply inform us in advance about any special diets or allergies and watch as our onboard chefs transform the dining experience into a culinary masterpiece tailored exclusively for you.

Special Diets

For solo travelers seeking privacy, our single cabin supplement option allows you to enjoy a cabin all to yourself. Though this may come with an additional price, it surely brings a different experience and perspective.

Single Cabin Supplement

If you prefer traveling light, you can request rental dive equipment with us, saving you the hassle of bringing your own gear. From wetsuits to regulators, we’ve got you covered with high-quality equipment maintained to the highest standards.

Scuba Diving Equipments

Cruising down remote locations like Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Banda Sea, and the stunning landscapes of the Maldives, one inevitable thought might cross your mind: “Will I have a phone signal out there?” The beauty of exploring these pristine waters often comes with the concern of staying connected.

Satellite Phone Call

Safety is paramount in our underwater adventures. Consider opting for scuba diving insurance to add an extra layer of security to your journey. This ensures that you’re covered in the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances, allowing you to explore the depths with peace of mind.

Scuba Diving Insurance

Capture the magic of the underwater world with our photography facilities. Request camera rentals, underwater housings, and other photography equipment to immortalize your dive moments. Our crew can also assist with photography tips and techniques to ensure you bring back stunning memories.

Photography Facilities