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Raja Ampat Nature Heal 6N

7 Days

Trip itinerary

Day 1 :

Embark on your Raja Ampat adventure with a rustic charm as you come onboard. After a refreshing drink and a brief safety orientation, we will set course to Wasai Area where our adventure begins. Time to relax and settle your mood while the Seabreeze parfum your thoughts.

Today we start the day with an early morning stroll through the enchanting forest near Wasai. The air is alive with whispers of nature as dawn paints the sky. End the walk in Kali Biru, a serene oasis, where the blue river mirrors the awakening day, creating a tranquil haven in the heart of the wilderness.

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Dampier Strait, beginning with a day of snorkeling. Explore kaleidoscopic coral gardens, where iridescent fish dance in the crystal-clear waters. Surface to visit a local village, its thatched-roof homes nestled amid lush greenery. Engage with warm- hearted locals, savoring cultural exchanges that mirror the vivid hues of the underwater world.

Yangeffo's mangrove forest is a labyrinth of life, where tangled roots breathe above emerald waters. Sunlight weaves through the canopy, casting intricate patterns. It's a sanctuary for diverse ecosystems, a testament to nature's resilience in Raja Ampat's pristine embrace

Time for an exhilarating adventure in Pyanemo, where snorkeling unveils a vibrant underworld tapestry. Dive into turquoise waters, dancing with coral gardens. Trek to panoramic viewpoints, where limestone hills frame breathtaking vistas of islets. Pyanemo weaves the magic of land and sea, an explorer's dream in Raja Ampat.

A surreal journey in Dayang, where snorkeling unveils the majestic dance of manta rays in azure waters. Surface to trek through lush landscapes, tracing hidden trails that lead to a cascading waterfall. Dayang weaves a tale of underwater wonders and terrestrial enchantment, a symphony of nature's finest moments.

Day 7 :

Farewell, dear friend! As you disembark, our hearts sail
with gratitude. May the echoes of your laughter linger like
ocean waves. Until our paths intertwine again, may your
journeys be filled with joy and wanderlust. Safe travels!

Trip & Price Details

This trip will keep you exploring Raja Ampat while snorkeling at various favorite dive sites. You will also be invited to participate in various activities that will make you relax.

Raja Ampat Nature Heal 6N

7 Days
From USD 2280
/ Adult

Price Inclusion

Included in the price

  • Pick up and drop off (before and after the cruise) from the nearest airport to Aurora
  • Accommodation in a double-bed or twin-bed cabin with en-suite bathroom, toilet and AC
  • Meals, juice, and all carbonated drinks on board (excluding beer, spirits, wine, espresso coffee)
  • 2 discover scuba expedition for non-divers (Short introduction of expedition, 4 guided dives for certified divers (Ratio 4:1). Non-transferable
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Nitrox. For certified divers
  • Multilingual guides on board (French, English, Indonesian)
  • Land excursions, according to the cruise itinerary
  • Wifi : subject to network availability - some areas might not be covered
  • Marine Park fee entry, Valid for a year ( 80 USD value).

Excluded in the price

  • Scuba expedition courses
  • Dive and travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Extra excursion requested
  • Extra Discover scuba expedition (120 USD)
  • Extra dives (80 USD)
  • 4 extra dive packs for 250 USD
  • Beer, wine and spirits, Expresso coffee
  • Souvenirs, laundry, use of satellite phone
  • Tips on board (for crew): 15 USD minimum/person/day - to be paid in cash