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Dune Liveaboard invites you on a thrilling journey through incredible underwater destinations worldwide. From Indonesia’s colorful reefs to the luxury of the Maldives, the hidden wonders of Djibouti, the untouched beauty of Sudan, and the iconic treasures of Egypt, our liveaboard experiences promise an unforgettable exploration beneath the sea. Dive into the magic of these unique destinations, where each underwater adventure reveals the extraordinary beauty of our planet. Join us at Dune Liveaboard and start your discovery of underwater wonders today!

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For Indonesia & Maldives before 15th Feb 2024

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Finding our departure dates not suitable with your vacation? Create your own trip, customized with your own preference, attended with only by the ones you love and care about. Craft your own itineraries and travel by it with us all around the waters of Indonesia, Maldives and the Red Sea! Contact us now and let us hear the beautiful imagination you have in your mind. 

16 Mar – 23 Mar 2024 | Jessica
7 nights North Tiran
Safaga → Safaga

23 Mar – 30 Mar 2024 | Alia
7 nights St John’s Reefs
Ras Galep (Port Ghalib) → Ras Galep (Port Ghalib)

23 Mar – 30 Mar 2024 | Jessica
Safaga → Safaga

30 Mar – 06 Apr 2024 | Alia
7 nights Mixte sud (Daedalus – Rocky/Zabargad – SJ)
Ras Galep (Port Ghalib) → Hamata

30 Mar – 06 Apr 2024 | Jessica
Safaga → Safaga

30 Mar – 06 Apr 2024 | Ghani
7 nights ST JOHN’S REEFS
Marsa Alam → Marsa Alam