Banda Sea Diving Liveaboard

Scuba dive in Banda Sea’s pristine waters

Banda Sea

Scuba dive in Banda Sea’s pristine waters

US$ 167

Per person per night

Average yearly temperatures
Air: 25°C | 77°F
Water: 27°C | 81°F

Discover the wonders of banda sea

Raja Ampat Archipelago

Join our voyage across the stunning Raja Ampat archipelago, which is made up of more than 1,500 islands dispersed throughout Indonesia’s westernmost region. This tropical haven is renowned for its glistening turquoise seas, verdant surroundings, and striking limestone formations that produce an unmatched natural sight.

Biodiversity Hotspot

With an astounding array of marine life, Raja Ampat is a worldwide recognized hotspot for biodiversity. Divers discover an underwater paradise with over 1,500 fish species, 600 coral species, and uncommon animals like the walking shark and the mighty manta ray below the surface. This location boasts some of the planet’s most pristine and diversified coral reefs.

Conservation Efforts

Raja Ampat’s natural treasures ought to be preserved above all else. The area has emerged as a leader in marine conservation, spearheading multiple programs aimed at eco-friendly travel, safeguarding coral reefs, and fostering community involvement. We are also collaborating with the likes of Manta Trust and Shark Education to help join the fight for the cause.

Top Diving Destinations

Discover the allure of Raja Ampat’s premier diving locations, where every location has a unique story to tell. Dive into Misool’s colorful coral gardens, investigate the variety of marine life around Wayag, and take in the Dampier Strait’s astounding biodiversity. For both expert and novice divers, the underwater environments here are a diver’s paradise.

Dune liveaboard

Come experience an unmatched voyage over the captivating waters of Raja Ampat with us on board the Dune Liveaboard. Whether you want to unwind in luxurious settings, go on exhilarating underwater adventures, or both, our liveaboard experience is designed to surpass your expectations.


Multi Language

26 Years experience

Expert Guides

All price included

The entire Aurora crew made me feel like I was sailing and diving with highly competent and attentive friends. Excellent and flexible dive site selections. Guides knew how to read the currents, put us in the best sites and made sure we saw what we came to see. Well planned shore excursions. Great food and plenty of it. Comfortable accommodations. Great group and personal service.
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All 4 dive guides were great! Great cabin with plenty of room, any concerns were taken care of immediately. One in our party did not dive all the time so snorkeling or beach time was made available. Over all boat was comfortable and well maintained.
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The entire team on the Aurora was friendly, helpful, and worked really good together as a team. My group had some concerns with our guide that unfortunately escalated to us getting a different guide, but overall the situation was handled and everything was fine. I will definitely recommend Dune, especially this Aurora crew, to my dive friends back home
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This stay is an unforgettable experience. The boat, the dive sites and the tours offered are beyond what I imagined. The crew takes great care and their presence is discreet. Raja Ampat is a little piece of paradise at the end of the world and life on the boat is serene and soothing. Everything is done for your comfort 24 hours a day. I highly recommend
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Fantastic trip! We had an amazing time and were lucky with the dive and weather conditions. Very well looked after by all of the wonderful staff! Great boat with character. Would have liked to use nitrox but it was broken.
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